Culvert Rehabilitation Polyurethane Systems

Culverts are susceptible to failure due to soil loss. This can cause the culverts to settle, crack, and/or experience joint separation. NCFI’s polyurethane systems are formulated to help seal and stabilize the culverts in a single application.

Why NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes for Culvert Rehabilitation

When culverts settle the joints become susceptible to water infiltration which causes subsidence of the support soils. In one application, polyurethane injection seals the joints, fills voids, and restores the bearing capacity of the support soils.

Compromised culverts have ramifications for the structures they support and the stormwater drainage systems they are connected to. Polyurethane injection is an adaptable solution for repairing soil-related culvert issues, such as restoring density to loose soils, sealing leaking joints, filling voids, and lifting and leveling settled culverts.

Polyurethane Systems
For Culvert Rehabilitation

Lifting Interior Footers with Polyurethane

NCFI geotechnical polyurethanes are specially formulated for optimal performance with reliability and confidence. Whether the goal is to stabilize and densify soils, fill voids, lift and level the culvert, or seal leaking joints, our polyurethanes will meet the need.

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