Foam Slab Jacking

Foam Slab Jacking with NCFI Polyurethanes is the cleanest, fastest, and most convenient concrete raising solution in the market.

Why NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes for Foam Slab Lifting Work

Foam slab jacking with polyurethane provides concrete raising and leveling for a variety of slabs of all weights and sizes. NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes are specially formulated and designed for fast, optimized performance to meet contractor demands and budgets. We offer polyurethanes for light and heavy duty applications, making them suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure applications.

Our polyurethanes are also ideal for minimizing disruptions to operations. They have fast cure times and require no excavation, enabling contractors to provide a minimally invasive concrete lifting solution to their customers.

Polyurethane Systems
For Airport Runway Leveling

Benefits of Using Polyurethane
For Foam Slab Jacking

NCFI Geotechnical polyurethanes are formulated and tested to ensure performance. We offer light-duty and heavy-duty polyurethane systems that are specially formulated for foam slab jacking applications.

Benefits Include:

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