Grout Curtain Walls

Grout Curtain Walls are an excellent method for restricting groundwater movement. Our polyurethane systems, when injected in a dense vertical and horizontal grid pattern, help densify and compact the soils to act as a water stop.

About Grout Curtain walls with Polyurethane Chemical Grouts

Water cutoff walls using polyurethane chemical grout is a non-invasive, trenchless solution. The application can be completed within days without the use of heavy equipment for trenching, excavation, or adding heavy materials like lime, bentonite, or cement. 

This application can be used for dams, seawalls, bulkheads, or for minimizing contamination migration into construction zones. We offer a couple of polyurethane formulations that are perfect for this application.  

Polyurethane Systems
For Grout Curtain Walls

Our single and dual component geotechnical polyurethane formulas are light-weight and have a variety of densities and cure time to meet your preferences.

Benefits of Polyurethane
For Grout Curtain Walls

NCFI Geotechnical polyurethanes are formulated and tested to ensure performance. We offer light-duty and heavy-duty polyurethane systems that are specially formulated for foam slab jacking applications.

Benefits Include:

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