Manhole Rehabilitation Polyurethanes

NCFI offers a variety of polyurethane formulations for manhole rehabilitation, from lining systems to dual-component joint and soil stabilization systems to single-component permeation grouts.

Why NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes for Manhole Rehabilitation​

Using NCFI polyurethanes for manhole rehabilitation is a no-excavation, minimally invasive repair solution that gets manholes repaired quickly and cost-effectively.

Manhole rehabilitation with polyurethane injection repairs and restores the manholes back to working capacity by compacting and cementing soils, filling voids, and sealing joints against inflow and infiltration. In addition to stabilizing the manhole, the soil stabilization benefits adjacent structures such as roadways, buildings, and walkways. The injection process is highly adaptable and can be installed from within the manhole, from above the structure, and in remote locations. No excavation is required and minimal downtime is expected.

Benefits of Polyurethane
For Manhole Rehabilitation

NCFI Geotechnical polyurethanes are formulated and tested to ensure performance. We offer single-component and dual-component polyurethane systems that are specially formulated for seawall repair varying from permeation grouting applications to soil stabilization and void filling.

Benefits Include:

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