Rocking Concrete Slab Repair

NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes are an ideal solution for rocking concrete slab repair. Our polyurethane systems help stabilize rocking slabs and level them back to grade.

Why NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes for Rocking Concrete Slabs Work

Rocking concrete slabs can wreak havoc on fork lifts and high traffic zones. Polyurethane injection is an excellent solution for repairing rocking concrete slabs. By injecting polyurethane through the slab and into the void area, the polyurethane expands through the void and re-establishes soil contact to the slab. The polyurethane can be used to realign the slab and prevent it from rocking in the future.

Benefits of Polyurethane
For Rocking Concrete Slabs

NCFI’s geotechnical polyurethanes are specially formulated and field-tested to ensure excellent performance. Our polyurethanes for rocking concrete slab repair balance density and lifting capacity with spread and speed.

Benefits Include:

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