Pipe and Tank Abandonment

Our light-weight polyurethane systems are a fast, effective, and environmentally safe solution for abandoning pipes and tanks.

About Abandoning Pipes and Tanks Using Polyurethane Chemical Grouts

Pipes and Tanks, such as septic or gas, that have become defunct or abandoned can lead to big headaches if not handled properly. If these legacy systems fail, they can lead to significant soil loss and cause significant damage to adjacent structures and be a safety hazard. To effectively abandon these underground systems, we offer polyurethane systems that are light-weight, low-exothermic, and highly expansive to fill the voids and provide structural stability for long-term reliability.

Polyurethane Systems
For Pipe & Tank Abadonment

These polyurethane systems are ideal for pipe and tank abandonment. They are highly adaptable for filling voids, stabilizing soils, sealing joints, and ensuring the long-term safety of defunct sewer pipes, manholes, and culverts. Contact us to learn more about finding the right formula for you.

Benefits of Polyurethane
For Pipe & Tank Abandonment

Our polyurethane systems help ensure that your Pipes and Storage Tanks are abandoned with long-term reliability. Protect our future infrastructure by keeping these legacy systems safe.

Benefits Include:

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