Polyurethanes for Trip Hazard Mitigation

Our suite of polyurethane systems allow for fast and reliable trip hazard mitigation. Our polyurethanes balance quick set times, high structural integrity, and low volume requirements to help optimize fast performance with project profitability.

About Trip Hazard Mitigation Using Polyurethane Foam Jacking

Repairing Trip Hazards with polyurethane allows you to quickly lift and level uneven slabs in minutes. The process requires minimal space, time, and impact on your livelihood. Cost-effective and Convenient!

Lifting and Leveling trip hazards with polyurethane foam jacking is an effective and minimally invasive process. It works by injecting a polyurethane solution through 5/8″ holes that are drilled through the slab. Once Injected, the polyurethane fills the voids, stabilizes the soil, and lifts the slab after enough compression is built.

Polyurethane Systems
For Trip Hazard Repair

Benefits of Polyurethane
For Trip Hazard Repair

We offer a variety of polyurethane systems that are perfect for repairing trip hazards. From filling voids to lifting and leveling uneven concrete slabs, our systems are reliable and formulated to meet your business needs.

Benefits Include:

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