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The End of 2021 is Fast Approaching! Should You Take Advantage of Section 179?

Section 179 is a tax code every polyurethane contractor should know, especially if they are in need of new equipment!

Section 179 is a section of the internal revenue code where businesses can take an immediate deduction for purchases of depreciable business equipment, such as polyurethane trailer rigs, pumps, impingement guns, etc (hint hint). This is important because it allows business owners to lower their current-year tax liability rather than having to depreciate the asset over time.

So with the end of 2022 approaching, if you need new equipment, consider purchasing before 2023 and apply those tax savings now.

If you are looking for new equipment, we offer:
  • TerraJack Concrete Lifting Jack
  • Guns and Hoses
  • PMC and Graco Proportioners
  • Customized Trailer Rigs
To order, contact your sales representative or call (800) 346-8229

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