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Arkansas Pond Leak Sealed Using Terrathane 24-003

Polyurethane Chemical Grout Curtain used for restricting water migration out of Arkansas pond
About The Project
Contractor Foamworx
Project Location El Dorado, AR
Product Used Terrathane™ 24-003


In the El Dorado, Arkansas region, a prominent farming family has been working the land since the 1800s. In 2012, they had a large pond built along an old creek that had become a family gathering place. Even though the pond was clay-lined, it never filled completely and kept losing water. The leaking pond was a continuous headache for the family. After many repair attempts, they were ready to get the pond to full capacity by using a polyurethane grout curtain solution.

The leak location was at the base of a dirt road located between the old creek location and the pond.  The native soils were “creek soil” a silty, loamy soil that is highly fine but becomes easily waterlogged. The combination of the “creek soil” and a thin clay liner that was unsuitable for the hydrostatic pressure caused the water to migrate out of the pond.


FoamWorx, a Little Rock, Arkansas-based contractor, determined a polyurethane grout curtain was the right solution for sealing the area. Using the NCFI TerraThane 24-003 geotechnical polyurethane, FoamWorx designed a 4ft deep, 5ft on-center injection pattern to create a highly dense grout curtain at the base of the roadway.  The two-row injection pattern was shot at the top of a hardpan, at approximately 4ft below grade, ensuring optimal spread and material consolidation.

The TerraThane 24-003 is an ideal formula because of its hydro-insensitivity and optimal cure times and spread.  Once the polyurethane pushed against the hardpan, it moved laterally and vertically through the “creek soil,” pushing away present water and combining with the soil to create a highly dense soil/polymer matrix.  The matrix acts as an effective water stop that helps seal against water migration.


The project was a complete success and cost-effective when compared to repairs attempted by the family.  A previous repair had been made on a comparable area on the other end of the pond, using 27 truckloads of drilling mud to line and seal the leaking area.  While successful, the polyurethane solution was 1/6th the cost of the drilling mud repair.

Thanks to FoamWorx and TerraThane 24-003, the pond is filled up, and years of frustration are over.

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