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Liftech Uses Terrathane 24-003 to Level Industrial Freezer Floor

Liftech, of Denver, CO, lifts bagel bakery freezer floor 4 inches using the Terrathane™ 24-003 geotechnical polyurethane system.
About The Project
Contractor Liftech
Project Location Denver, CO
Product Used Terrathane 24-003


Harlan Bakery in Denver, CO is a seriously impressive facility. Each day the bakery produces enough bagels to supply many of the largest retailers in the Denver metropolitan area. Chances are, if you live in Denver and eat bagels, you have been fed by Harlan Bakery.

Even a well oiled machine requires regular maintenance, and Harlan Bakery is no exception. Sinking concrete can wreak havoc, especially when it happens inside a freezer! One corner of the floor in a bulk storage freezer had dropped almost half a foot, causing forklifts to slip and slide while moving about. This not only created an operational slowdown, but a significant safety hazard as well. Harlan called Liftech to help them get their floor (and their forklifts) back to level.

Liftech was able to assess the sinking floor with their state-of-the-art estimating software and come up with a lifting solution to bring up the floor and get their bagels moving fast again.

The Solution: Inject 730 lbs of NCFI Terrathane™ 24-003 geotechnical polyurethane foam under the slab to lift and stabilize the concrete. TerraThane 24-003 is a rapidly expanding hydrophobic polyurethane system designed for lifting and undersealingconcrete slabs, roads, and other structures. The foam was injected under the slab in the corner of the freezer, around the perimeter of the walls, and was then used to filladditional voids between the wall and the center of the floor. The foam fully cures within minutes and, with a minimum compressive strength of 80 psi, is strong enough to support the slab, forklifts, and goods stored in the freezer. The fix also comes with a 5-year warranty provided by Liftech, far more than you would get with a new concrete floor.

The sub-zero temperatures involved were a major concern on this project, but Liftech uses heated hoses that are able to keep the chemical warm enough to properly react,even in the harshest of conditions.

In addition to being heated, the hoses that Liftech uses for concrete leveling are over 200 ft long, making them great for reaching floors in large commercial buildings. The injection rig can be parked outside the perimeter of the building and requires a minimal equipment footprint, in many cases fixing the problem with zero disruption to ongoing business operations.

So instead of shutting down your facility for a lengthy period of time to remove and replace concrete, just level it with Liftech and NCFI Terrathane™ polyurethane foam. Liftech finished the project in less than 4 hours and had the floor within a half-inch of original grade, up from over 4 inches down!

And don’t worry bagel lovers, they wore their hairnets.

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