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Little League Light Foam Pole Setting

Setting and Stabilizing 75′ lighting poles for a little league baseball park using Strata-Fill 24-018 polyurethane.
About The Project
Contractor Elite Contract Lifters
Project Location Broadway, VA
Product Used Strata-Fill™ 24-018

In Broadway, VA the construction of a new little league baseball field was nearing completion and it was time to install the new 75ft tall lighting poles. The contractor, Elite Concrete Lifters worked with the City on specifying the 24-018 Pole Setting polyurethane system by helping them understand how the polymer’s quick cure times and compressive strength would minimize installation times and costs. The 24-018 is a 4.8 pcf dual component polyurethane foam system that was specifically designed as a replacement for concrete. The 75′ tall poles were installed by utilizing a crane to position them in 10’ deep x 2 ½’ wide pre-drilled holes. When the pole was in place, the 24-018 components were hand mixed and poured into the hole. Once combined, the components bind and begin to expand throughout the hole, filling the voids horizontally and vertically around the pole. The polymer cures much faster than concrete and the crane was able to let go and move to the next location after approximately 20 minutes. The 24-018’s cure time helped the City complete the pole installation in 2 days saving the City time and money while helping light the fields for young baseball players for years to come. Learn more about the 24-018 Pole Setting Foam.

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