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Riverfront Convention Center Floor Lift

12-year-old New Bern Riverfront Conference Center’s floors were settling due to an old riverbed subsiding and needed to be lifted
About The Project
Contractor Keller-Hayward Baker
Project Location New Bern, NC
Product Used Terrathane™ 24-003


  • 12 year old New Bern Riverfront Conference Center’s floors were settling due to silt of an old riverbed subsiding into construction debris that was place there during the 1970s
  • Parts of the floor and patio sunk up to 7 inches
  • Cracks and uneven joints in the concrete floors were causing tripping hazards
  • Gaps beneath the walls were allowing sound to pass through soundproof rooms


  • Hayward Baker injected the TerraThane 24-003 geotechnical polyurethane to stabilize, voidfill, lift, and level the concrete flooring
  • The 24-003 was injected using a 5’x5’ grid pattern to ensure optimal spread of the material.
  • The injection holes were 5/8”, and the polyurethane ensured minimal impact to the building


  • Over 10,000 lbs of the 24-003 was injected, filling the voids beneath the slabs and realigning them to their original grade
  • Work was performed around the convention centers operational hours to minimize impact to their business.
  • The customer was satisfied with the results and was working with Hayward Baker on two additional buildings

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