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Seneca Rocks Discovery Center Soil Subsidence Repair

Soil subsidence and erosion caused voids that needed to be filled beneath the Center's concrete slab foundations. 
About The Project
Contractor Mid-South Concrete Leveling
Project Location Seneca Rocks, WV
Product Used Terrathane™ 24-003


  • Soil Subsidence and erosion caused voids beneath the Seneca Rocks Discovery Center’s concrete slab foundations
  • Some slabs were left with dips of up to 3”
  • Settlement occurred in the Center’s conference rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and patio, causing tripping hazards


  • Remove existing caulking and drill 5/8” holes through the slabs, causing little dust or disruption
  • Inject the TerraThane 24-003 geotechnical polyurethane underneath the slabs to stabilize, voidfill, lift, and level the slabs
  • Add drainage, new caulking and cleanup the areas with minimal disruption to the center’s activities


  • Filled all voids and leveled slabs
  • Added minimal weight to the area when compared to concrete grout (4lbs vs 130lbs)
  • Tripping hazards were mitigated
  • Completed in 3.5 days
  • Saved thousands of dollars by avoiding replacement or versus alternative methods

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