Concrete Raising

Concrete raising with polyurethane injection

Concrete Raising

Concrete raising and leveling is a fast and effective process when using NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes. We offer light-duty and heavy-duty formulas to make sure your project has the right tools.

Reeds Creek Fish Hatchery Leakage Repair With Polyurethane

NCFI TERRATHANE™ 24-042 used to fill voids for reed creek fish hatchery​ leakage repair and soil subsidence stabilization. The pipes were experiencing leakage throughout the system that was causing soil washout and, subsequently, large voids underneath the raceway and settlement and cracking in isolated areas of the raceway that was leading to additional water loss.

Terrathane 24-011 Dual Component Polyurethane

24-011 TerraThane™ 24-011 is a 5lb hydrophobic / hydro-insensitive, MDI-based, water blown system that is formulated for exceptional spread and lifting capacity. The hydrophobic nature of 24-011 allows it to maintain exceptional physical properties even in saturated conditions. Available with NSF/ANSI 61 Section 5 – 2017 certification. About The System 24-011 Technical SpecificationsTerrathane™ 24-011 Density …

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