Rocking Slab Lifting Polyurethane Lifting

Concrete Joint Matching

Leveling joints between concrete slabs is a fast and effective process with NCFI’s Geotechnical polyurethanes. Why NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes for Concrete Joint Matching geotechnical polyurethanes are ideal for stabilizing settled concrete slabs and concrete joint matching to create a level transition. The process is highly effective as the polyurethane fills voids underneath the slab, …

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Dallas Parking Garage Void Fill

Erosion around three-story, in-ground parking garage in Dallas’ uptown area required void-fill around its structural piers

polyurethane trip hazard mitigation foam jacking

Polyurethanes for Trip Hazard Mitigation

Repairing Trip Hazards with polyurethane allows you to quickly lift and level uneven slabs in minutes. The process requires minimal space, time, and impact on your livelihood. Cost-effective and Convenient!

Pipe Joint Sealing

NCFI Polyurethane systems for lateral line joint sealing helps stabilize and seal joints quickly and cost-effectively.

Manhole Rehabilitation Polyurethanes

Using NCFI polyurethanes for manhole rehabilitation is a no-excavation, minimally invasive repair solution that gets manholes repaired quickly and cost-effectively.