Arkansas Pond Leak Sealed with Terrathane 24-003 Polyurethane Chemical Grout Curtain

Grout Curtain Walls

Our polyurethane systems, when injected in a dense vertical and horizontal grid pattern, help densify and compact the soils to act as a water stop.

Trenchbreakers, Pipeline Pads, and Pillows

Polyurethane trenchbreaker pillows and pads give pipeline companies and contractors an effective system for stabilizing pipelines to mitigate future settlement, expedite installation, and optimize grade.

Pool and Pool Deck Leveling

Polyurethane foam jacking is an ideal application for lifting and leveling pool deck slabs, and no system is better than NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes.

Sidewalk Leveling

NCFI Geotechnical polyurethane systems give concrete lifting contractors exceptional lifting control and a sidewalk leveling system they can trust. Why NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes for Sidewalk Leveling Work Polyurethane foam jacking is an ideal solution for sidewalk repair. Once the polyurethane is injected through the slab, the polymer expands throughout the void and compacts and …

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Airport Runway Leveling Polyurethanes

NCFI Polyurethane systems are fast and effective, making them ideal for airport runway leveling projects where minimal disruption to operations is key.

Reeds Creek Fish Hatchery Leakage Repair With Polyurethane

NCFI TERRATHANE™ 24-042 used to fill voids for reed creek fish hatchery​ leakage repair and soil subsidence stabilization. The pipes were experiencing leakage throughout the system that was causing soil washout and, subsequently, large voids underneath the raceway and settlement and cracking in isolated areas of the raceway that was leading to additional water loss.

USG Stabilizes a Sinkhole and Seepage Tank in Pennsylvania

Sinkhole in Pennsylvania under a stormwater drain stabilized using Terrathane 24-003 Dual Component Polyurethane​. Utility Services Group was contracted to remediate a sinkhole that was causing soil loss and settlement around nearby structures.

Pipe and Tank Abandonment

Our light-weight polyurethane systems are a fast, effective, and environmentally safe solution for sewer and culvert abandonment.