USG Stabilizes a Sinkhole and Seepage Tank in Pennsylvania

Sinkhole in Pennsylvania under a stormwater drain stabilized using Terrathane 24-003 Dual Component Polyurethane​. Utility Services Group was contracted to remediate a sinkhole that was causing soil loss and settlement around nearby structures.

Pipe and Tank Abandonment

Our light-weight polyurethane systems are a fast, effective, and environmentally safe solution for sewer and culvert abandonment.

Lateral Line Joint Sealing Polyurethanes

Our lateral line and joint sealing polyurethane systems are the best in the industry in both performance and price! About Sealing Joints and Lateral Lines Using Polyurethane Chemical Grouts https://youtu.be/1bAcPZHpXOM NCFI Polyurethane systems for lateral line joint sealing helps stabilize and seal joints quickly and cost-effectively. Our polyurethane systems can be injected from within a …

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Railroad Ballast Stabilization

Our polyurethanes are ideal for stabilizing spoiled railroad ballast, preventing plastic deformation and settlement while minimizing long term maintenance. Why NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes for Foam Slab Lifting Work Spoiled railroad ballast leads to settlement, plastic deformation, and rail misalignment. Once injected into the rail ballast, our polyurethanes expand throughout the voids, and lock the ballast …

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Strata-Fill 24-023 Low Exotherm Polyurethane System

24-023 The Strata-Fill™ 24-023 is a low-exothermic polyurethane system specially formulated for pipeline trenchbreaker applications. Polyurethane trenchbreakers provide pipeline companies with a long-lasting pipe stabilization system to ensure long-term stability and minimal settlement. About The System 24-023 Technical SpecificationsStrata-Fill™ 24-023 Density 2.0 – 2.2 pcf Compressive Strength 44.0 psi Cream Time 1 – 2 Second …

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