Terrathane 24-024

Terrathane™ 24-024 by NCFI Polyurethanes provides the perfect balance between flow and compressive strength, allowing for contractors to have optimal spread and lifting capacity in a single polyurethane system. is a fast-expansion, quick curing, polyurethane formula designed for pinpoint concrete lifting and control.

Polyurethanes for lifting interior footers

Interior Footer Lifting

NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes are the most reliable systems for lifting interior footers with foam jacking.

polyurethane trip hazard mitigation foam jacking

Polyurethanes for Trip Hazard Mitigation

Repairing Trip Hazards with polyurethane allows you to quickly lift and level uneven slabs in minutes. The process requires minimal space, time, and impact on your livelihood. Cost-effective and Convenient!

Concrete raising with polyurethane injection

Concrete Raising

Concrete raising and leveling is a fast and effective process when using NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes. We offer light-duty and heavy-duty formulas to make sure your project has the right tools.

Dam and Levee Stabilization

We offer several polyurethane products for dam and levee stabilization, from single-component permeation grouts to dual component polyurethane systems.

Driveway Leveling

Our polyurethane systems are ideal for residential applications and provide exceptional lifting control for driveway leveling.

Foam Slab Jacking

Foam Slab Jacking with NCFI Polyurethanes is the cleanest, fastest, and most convenient concrete raising solution in the market. Why NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes for Foam Slab Lifting Work https://youtu.be/rZfQiwlOy6o Foam slab jacking with polyurethane provides concrete raising and leveling for a variety of slabs of all weights and sizes. NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes are specially formulated …

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Commercial Foundation Lifting with Polyurethane Injection

Foundation Lifting and Leveling

NCFI Geotechnical offers a suite of both light and heavy-duty polyurethanes specially formulated for foundation lifting and leveling applications.

Garage Slab Leveling with Polyurethane Injection

Garage Slab Leveling

Garage Slab Leveling with polyurethane injection is a fast and cost-effective way to get a customer’s garage slabs lifted back to grade and NCFI Geotechnical offers the perfect polyurethane systems to get the job done.

Pool and Pool Deck Leveling

Polyurethane foam jacking is an ideal application for lifting and leveling pool deck slabs, and no system is better than NCFI Geotechnical Polyurethanes.