Polyurethane Foam Void Filling

Polyurethane Foam Void Filling

Polyurethane foam void filling provides unique advantages for filling voids large or small, whether around structures or for stabilizing an area from erosion. 

Polyurethane Cavity Filling

Polyurethane Cavity Filling under slab using strata-fill polyurethane

Strata-Fill™ light-weight polyurethane fill systems offer versatile polyurethane cavity filling, transforming geotechnical design and structure stabilization.

Commercial Foundation Lifting

Polyurethanes for interior footer leveling

NCFI Geotechnical offers a suite of both light and heavy duty polyurethanes specially formulated for commercial foundation lifting applications.

Foam Slab Jacking

Foam Slab Jacking with Polyurethane Injection

Foam Slab Jacking with NCFI Polyurethanes is the cleanest, fastest, and most convenient concrete raising solution in the market.

Polyurethane Grout Curtain Walls

Arkansas Pond Leak Sealed with Terrathane 24-003 Polyurethane Chemical Grout Curtain

When injected in a dense vertical and horizontal grid pattern, our polyurethanes help densify and compact the soils and create grout curtain walls.