Terra-Lok Pump Flush

The Terra-Lok™ Pump Flush is a highly effective flush and parts cleaner for airless paint and coating pumps including ancillary parts used in the application of Terra- Lok™ single component prepolymer products.

Seawall Repair

Terra Lok Single component polyurethane for Seawall Repair

Use our polyurethane systems for seawall repair to stabilize soil, fill voids, and prevent soil loss and water seepage effectively.

Culvert Repair Polyurethane Systems

Culvert Repair polyurethane chemical grout

Our single and dual component geotechnical polyurethane formulas are light-weight and have a variety of densities and cure time for culvert repair projects.

Pipe Joint Sealing

Pipe Joint Sealing

Polyurethane injection offers fast, efficient pipe joint sealing by filling voids, densifying soil, and fixing leaks in just one application.

Manhole Rehabilitation

NCFI offers a variety of polyurethane formulations for manhole rehabilitation, from lining systems to dual-component joint and soil stabilization systems to single-component permeation grouts.

Polyurethane Grout Curtain Walls

Arkansas Pond Leak Sealed with Terrathane 24-003 Polyurethane Chemical Grout Curtain

When injected in a dense vertical and horizontal grid pattern, our polyurethanes help densify and compact the soils and create grout curtain walls.

Terra-Lok 24-120 Single Component Polyurethane System

Terra Lok Single component polyurethane for Seawall Repair

TERRA-LOK™ 24-120 is a low viscosity single component hydrophobic polyurethane used for increasing the load bearing capacity of loosely bound soils, filling voids and I/I mitigation Ideal for stopping active or flowing water leaks and eliminating water seepage through cracks in stationary concrete structures and assets.

Terra-Lok 24-015 Single Component Polyurethane

The NCFI TERRA-LOK™ 24-015 is a low viscosity, polyurethane resin designed to stabilize soil. When mixed with catalyst and injected, it migrates through loose soil and into below-grade voids. As it comes into contact with moisture, 24-015 reacts and expands to form a rigid foam.