Strata-Fill Lightweight Fill Systems


The Strata-Fill™ 24-023 is a low-exothermic polyurethane system specially formulated for pipeline trenchbreaker applications. Polyurethane trenchbreakers provide pipeline companies with a long-lasting pipe stabilization system to ensure long-term stability and minimal settlement.

About The System 24-023

Technical Specifications
Strata-Fill™ 24-023

Density 2.0 - 2.2 pcf
Compressive Strength 44.0 psi
Cream Time 1 - 2 Second
Gel Time 6 - 8 Seconds
Tack Free Time 13 - 16 Seconds
Rise Time 22 - 25 Seconds

Strata-Fill™ 24-023

Low Exotherm
Great Lift Thickness
Void Filling
Structural Abandonment

NSF 61 Safe Drinking Water Certification Polyurethane

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