Terra-LOK Single Component Polyurethane Systems


TERRA-LOK™ 24-120 is a low viscosity single component hydrophobic polyurethane used for increasing the load bearing capacity of loosely bound soils, filling voids and I/I mitigation Ideal for stopping active or flowing water leaks and eliminating water seepage through cracks in stationary concrete structures and assets.

About The System 24-120

Physical Properties
In Reaction to Fine Sand

Density 55 pcf
Compressive Strength at 10% 2985 psi
Compressive Modulus at Max 61485 psi
Shear Strength 1275 psi
Shear Modulus 3300 psi
NSF 61 Safe Drinking Water Certification Polyurethane

Terra-Lok™ 24-120

Single Component System
Variable Reaction Times
High Unconfined Expansion
Exceptional Strength

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