Pump Flush

The Terra-Lok™ Pump Flush is a highly effective flush and parts cleaner for airless paint and coating pumps including ancillary parts used in the application of Terra- Lok™ single component prepolymer products.

About The Terra-LOK™ Pump Flush

Materials Safe to Use With
Terra-Lok Pump Flush

Teflon Mild Steel Polyethylene
Butyl Rubber Halar Polypropylene
Silicon Rubbert Melamine Ryton
Klarez Nylon 101
Recommended Materials to Use For:
O-Rings Gaskets, Hoses, and Pump Packaging

Terra-Lok Pump Flush

  • Low VOC
  • High Resin & Polymer Loading
  • Residue Free – No Rinsing Required
  • Low Vapor Pressure and High Boil Point (minimizes chemical loss due to evaporation)

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