Terrathane Dual Component Geotechnical Polyurethane


Terrathane™ 24-035 is a two-component, water blown, MDI- based spray polyurethane-polyurea hybrid system designed for use as a high-strength backing material or primary surface material for stabilizing masonry surfaces. Terrathane™ 24-035 has been formulated to spray at 6 – 8 pcf based on lift thickness.

About The System 24-035

Terrathane™ 24-035

Polyurethane/ Polyurea Hybrid
Exceptional Adhesion
Contains No Solvents
Water Blown

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The Terrathane™ 24-035 can fulfill a wide variety of infrastructure rehabilitation options that require lining and sealing.

Case Studies24-035

The Terrathane™ 24-035 Polyurethane/ Polyurea Manhole and lateral line liner is ideal for restoring infrastructure without affecting capacity or excavation.
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